Library Instruction for Home Schooled Students

The 2011 session begins March 16th
Miss Kori will educate both you and your children in the fine art of public library use.  Each of the sessions listed below focuses on a different aspect of the Manlius Library’s collections and services.
Registration is required for each session.
Please call 682-6400 to register.

Session 1:  March 16th – 2-3 pm – Community Room
  Dewey Decimal Cataloging System (Ages 8+)
     Learn how to locate various material types in the library.
  Searching the Library Catalog (Ages 8+)
    Use the online catalog to locate materials in the library.
 Session 2:  March 23rd – 2-3 pm – Community Room
  Basic Internet Searching (Ages 10+)
     Examine the differences between various online search engines.
     Evaluate websites for bias, authority, and credibility.
Session 4:  March 23rd – 2-3 pm – Community Room
  Library Databases – (Ages 12+)
     Move away from potentially biased web research.
     Locate accurate and reliable information using Library

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