London 2012 Day #4


Throughout the day yesterday, and overnight, the United States pulled ahead of China in the medal contest! AS OF RIGHT NOW WE LEAD, 18 TO 17! The newest medals awarded were:

Shooting – Gold Medal won by Vincent Hancock for Men’s Skeet

Swimming – Gold Medal won by Matthew Grevers for Men’s 100m Backstroke

Swimming – Gold Medal won by Missy Franklin for Women’s 100m Backstroke

Swimming – Silver Medal won by Nick Thoman for Men’s 100m Backstroke

Swimming – Silver Medal won by Rebecca Soni for Women’s 100m Breaststroke

Team U.S.A. is apparently full of some awesome swimmers!

Today, Day #4, you can catch the following athletes competing for medals in their own competitions:

Swimming – Women’s 200m Freestyle – both Allison Schmitt and Missy Franklin will compete at 2:41pm

Swimming – Men’s 200m Butterfly – both Tyler Clary and Michael Phelps compete at 2:49pm

Judo – Men’s-81kg – Travis Stevens competes for a medal at 3:17pm

Swimming – Women’s 200m Individual Medley – both Ariana Kukors and Caitlin Leverenz compete at 3:45pm

Swimming – Men’s 4x200m Freestyle Relay – Team USA (Matthew McLean, Conor Dwyer, Davis Tarwater, and Charlie Houchin) compete at 3:51pm.

You can also catch Team USA compete in multiple team sports today, all of them preliminary rounds (no medal matches yet):

Men’s Volleyball – USA vs. Germany at 11:45am

Hockey (Field) – USA vs. Argentina at 2pm

Water Polo – USA vs. Romania at 2:40pm

Men’s Beach Volleyball – USA vs. Spain at 4pm

Men’s Basketball – USA vs. Tunisia at 5:15pm (GO COACH BOEHEIM!)

Women’s Beach Volleyball – USA vs. Netherlands at 6pm

We’ll keep you updated with the newest events and medal winners each day! GO TEAM USA!


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