D.E.A.R. Day – April 12th

On April 12th, D.E.A.R.!


Drop Everything and Read!

April 12th is National Drop Everything and Read Day. You can participate at home, at school, at your library! Just stop what you’re doing and read  for 30 minutes! All you need is your book, time, and maybe even your family around you doing the very same thing! Talk to your teacher’s the day before and see if you can have some S.S.R. (Sustained Silent Reading) time, if you don’t have the practice in your classroom already! This day is meant to remind and encourage families to read together on a daily basis, whether it’s out loud as you discover a new book together, or quietly together as you each try out your own books. And, don’t forget, this is something that you can do every day, not just on April 12th!

National Drop Everything and Read Day was promoted by Beverly Cleary (as well as sustained silent reading time), which is why this national day falls on her birthday! S.S.R. and D.E.A.R. are techniques that have been used in schools to promote recreational reading, or free voluntary reading, where kids read a book of their choice, silently, for a sustained period of time. There are no tests after they finish a book, no required book reports. The point is to help children enjoy reading, just for the sake of reading. To give them a positive attitude toward reading as a form of enjoyment.

Showing your children, and practicing this as a family (putting away 30 minutes at the end of the night to read together or silently in the same room) also helps form your child’s attitude towards books. Modelling the behaviors, showing that it’s important to make time for reading just as it is for other things, can have a large impact on children!

So join Ramona Quimby (the D.E.A.R. spokesperson) on April 12th and set aside 30 minutes to DROP EVERYTHING AND READ!

Ramona Quimby - D.E.A.R. Day

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