So, I missed Poetry Friday last week….but I still have a couple great poems picked out, so it’s going to be Poetry Tuesday, our make-up day!

If you’re looking for some silly poems, you should check out I’ve Lost My Hippopotamus by Jack Prelutsky, illustrated by Jackie Urbanovic. It’s a crazy collection of poems of various lengths and for all ages. The drawings help to make the verses so much fun, and so very funny! Here is the first poem, and the title of the book!

I’ve Lost My Hippopotamus

I’ve lost my hippopotamus,

The situation’s weird.

One minute she was next to me,

Then poof! she disappeared.

It’s hard to lose a hippo,

For a hippo’s truly huge —

I’m sensing something fishy,

Some unsavory subterfuge.

I’ve searched and searched with no success,

I’ve yet to find a clue

To her status or location,

I’m unsure of what to do.

If you spot a hippopotamus

Where usually there’s none,

Please let me know, the odds are good

You’ve found my missing one.

I've Lost My HIppopotamus

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